Poland Independence centenary celebrations highlight the divide

On Sunday, Poland marked its 100 anniversary of regaining independence. The main celebration was a march in Warsaw which some 200k Poles took part in. Amongst them were far-right groups from Poland and abroad, including Italian fascists Forza Nuova.  But compared to previous independence marches the...

Aramus shareholders increase price in tender offer

The main shareholders of listed on the small-cap NewConnect market Aramus, Piotr and Konrad Sumara have increased their tender offer to PLN 1.4 per share from the previous PLN 1.28 price tag. Sumaras are tendering over 1.8 million shares representing a 21.69 percent stake.

GUS: public deficit at 1.4%, debt at 50.6%

The deficit of the public sector stood at 1.4 percent of the GDP, while public debt amounted to 50.6 percent of GDP in 2017, according to GUS after slightly adjusting the preliminary estimates.

S&P: Budget deficit will grow in 2019

According to S&P Global Ratings analyst for Poland, Frank Gill, Poland’s deficit will increase next year ahead of the parliamentary elections. But should not exceed the 2 percent of GDP threshold.