Boom or bust

The residential market is currently booming in many parts of Poland. Experts feel confident that the market will remain stable for around two years. However, there are some large black clouds on the horizon.

Under the microscope

Companies will soon have to provide tax auditors with all financial data in a uniform file format. Is the business ready for the ERP revolution?

Well cast metals

Poland is known as a major producer of a number of metals, including iron, steel, copper and silver. With growing global competition the industry has to prepare for tough times, but it may see a better future thanks to increased processed metals used in other sectors

Making Poland Great Again?

After eight years of so-called “hot water in the tap” economic policies, new Development Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has presented an ambitious, complex and somewhat overwhelming plan to modernize the Polish economy, with the state playing an important role as a guide through the transformation proc...

In search of the Holy Grail

The common reluctance among Poles to visit public authority offices is no secret. As it turns out, the reason for this state of affairs is not only the tardiness of officials, but above all – the unwillingness of clerical entities to embrace new technology

Made in Poland 2016

Branding, google translate and (the lack of) institutionalized support were among many topics discussed during the annual Made in Poland conference. Exporters and experts debated on how to improve export figures, what mistakes Polish entrepreneurs are making when entering foreign markets and the st...

Escaping the capital

Is a capital city representative of the entire country? The answer is clearly no, yet many investors who come to Poland rarely ever manage to escape the environs of Warsaw. When it comes to the office market, the question still remains, what have regional cities in Poland got to offer?

On a roll

Could this year see the sector repeat its excellent 2015 results?

Off limits

Changes to the law regulating agricultural land threaten to hinder the sale of development land for the warehouse industry, but things are not as bad as they seem