Looking back to the future

It’s crystal ball gazing time again, when we reflect on the previous year and try to predict the trends that will shape the current new year. We spoke with Joanna Mroczek, the head of research consultancy and marketing at CBRE Poland

Shifting perspective

Poland’s investment volume reached €3.13 billion in 2014, more or less on par with the 2013 score, with a large chunk of all deals made in Q4 (€1.26 billion), according to Cushman & Wakefield. Poland is no longer the sole green island in Central and Eastern Europe. While the investment volume in...

When public turns to private

With EU funds designated for Poland likely to become scarcer, could Public Private Partnerships help bridge the investment gap?

Bear Necessities

Vintage cars, jazz concerts, camping under the stars, wild cuisine – that’s how beer is done in Poland’s Bieszczady mountains

Instituting Improvement

Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, President of the Supreme Audit Office (NIK), talks with WBJ Observer about NIK’s activity in improving the functioning of the Polish government and other public institutions, meanwhile stressing the importance of the apolitical nature of NIK’s reports

The future of printing is green

With EU requirements for businesses to report on the environmental and social aspects of their operations tightening, as part of wider endeavors to reduce the impact of business on the environment, recent years have seen an increasing focus on environmental issues within managed print services (MPS)...

Fertile prospects

WBJ Observer talks with Paweł Jarczewski, CEO of Gupa Azoty, Europe’s second biggest fertilizer producer, about the company’s global reach and Polish industry