Instituting Improvement

Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, President of the Supreme Audit Office (NIK), talks with WBJ Observer about NIK’s activity in improving the functioning of the Polish government and other public institutions, meanwhile stressing the importance of the apolitical nature of NIK’s reports

The future of printing is green

With EU requirements for businesses to report on the environmental and social aspects of their operations tightening, as part of wider endeavors to reduce the impact of business on the environment, recent years have seen an increasing focus on environmental issues within managed print services (MPS)...

Fertile prospects

WBJ Observer talks with Paweł Jarczewski, CEO of Gupa Azoty, Europe’s second biggest fertilizer producer, about the company’s global reach and Polish industry

Crude awakening

From mid-2014, specifically from June 19, when a barrel of oil was worth $116, oil prices have been systematically decreasing. Cheap oil is not only good news for Poland and its citizens. It also constitutes a warning light for the budget

Alternative Investor guide

By definition, an alternative investment is an investment in assets other than stocks, bonds and cash, making it a rather vast category. Nowadays, you can invest in virtually anything from gold bars and foreign currency to stamps and famous actors’ autographs. What was once considered a hobby, can n...

Street Smarts

By Maciej Kocięcki, Director of M2M and Partnership Development at Orange Polska

The euro is not for Poland – not anytime soon

As recently as ten years ago, the euro zone was the icing on the cake for Polish EU integration. Today, after a long-lasting economic crisis and turmoil involving the common currency, the European pie has ceased to be sweet enough for Poland

Ready for luxury?

As the number of Poles who can afford luxury apartments increases, Sotheby’s International Realty has decided to enter the market. Are Poles interested in upmarket properties?