Luxury in demand

A red Porsche and a 200-sqm apartment on the 50th floor of a residential tower, the classic symbols of luxury living, are getting popular in Poland. So are designer clothes and premium spirits. Still, Polish top-earners do not always shop at home and increasingly see some luxury goods as a form of i...

Beauty and water

Beauty product makers have come up with scores of solutions for make-up removal. Two Polish women have assumed a revolutionary approach and turned it into a business idea

All in one

In 1918, Leon Koffler came to Canada from Romania. At 47, he left two pharmacies to his son, who then lost one of them due to bad investment advice. Now, after cashing out from the Shoppers Drug Mart chain in Canada, the Koffler family operates a fast-growing chain of “3-in-1” drug stores in Poland,...

Elements for success

Poland’s chemical industry is back on track for growth. It continues to improve its position globally with the help of strong investment and recent consolidation in the sector

Legia’s big dreams

Legia is proving to be the best football club in Poland, both in terms of sport and financial results. But its dominance on home turf is not enough for the club’s new owners: now they want to make their mark in Europe

Making waves

Polish design may be becoming a fast-growing and trendy line of business, but it still has a way to go before it starts making its mark on the global market

The rise of online shopping

Consumers tastes increasingly seem to favor online offers. Will the Polish e-commerce market see even greener pastures?

“The EU is going through a big test” – interview with Pat Cox...

Pat Cox, a former president of the European Parliament and a recent EU Special Envoy to Ukraine, discusses the face-off the West is now having with Russia over Kiev’s future, the radicalization of the political climate in Europe in the context of upcoming EP elections and whether the euro zone crisi...

Reinventing the dice

How two Poles brought a 5,000-year-old home entertainment system into the digital age

Toy story

“The future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave,” Ronald Reagan once said. As far as business ideas go, have you ever heard of anything bolder than a doll-making start-up set up as a joint-stock company, manufacturing in Germany and opening its first store in one of Poland’s ...