Good profits

Companies involved in social business bring profit and aim to make positive social changes

Right here, right now

While domestic media on demand services in Poland are well established, international players are yet to properly cash in on the market

Great aspirations

The middle class is the driving force of the economy in any developed country. While the small-in-number and exclusive upper social milieu shop in Paris and Milan and spend their holidays in private villas on the French Riviera, it is the most numerous and relatively affluent middle class that gener...

Trend or hype

No one doubts that the warehouse segment is where the money is right now. With record high pipeline and investment deal volume outstripping office and retail, the sector continues to attract attention. Tenant demand is also nearing pre-crisis levels. Is the growth trend sustainable, though, or has i...

Winter Wonderland

For Kraków, May 25, 2014 (the date of a referendum vote on the city’s olympic bid), was one of those days that has the power to change history and redefine some of the city’s most tenacious stereotypes. What must have looked like an insignificant ingredient to the city’s leadership, a group of oppon...

Fighting their way to the top

Polish-made brands have evolved on the world market. The few original exports like Krakus Polish Ham and Prince Polo, have been overshadowed by new and innovative goods

Chocolate dreams come true

Instead of  developing their careers in multinational corporations, two high school friends decided to start their own business. They chose to launch a chocolate factory

Kulczyk: Europe needs to think globally

Poland’s richest man Jan Kulczyk, talks to WBJ Observer about his business plans for the future, his investments in Africa, Europe’s economic perspectives and what advice he would give foreign entrepreneurs who want to invest in Poland