Toy story

“The future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave,” Ronald Reagan once said. As far as business ideas go, have you ever heard of anything bolder than a doll-making start-up set up as a joint-stock company, manufacturing in Germany and opening its first store in one of Poland’s ...

The world isn’t flat

Selena defies those who say Polish companies don’t have what it takes to become global players. Over its 20-year history the firm rose from local construction foam retailer to the world’s third-largest manufacturer of chemical adhesives

Fit to grow

Spring is in full bloom and the streets of Warsaw are full of cyclists and joggers. The city’s dwellers flock to organic food markets. And WBJ Observer investigates the perspectives of the health and fitness market in Poland

Quo Vadis WSE ?

From one trading session a week to the biggest bourse in the CEE. During nearly 25 years of its existence, the Warsaw Stock Exchange has made paramount progress. But the next few years will be crucial for its future

The High Streets: Al. Jerozolimskie

Although located in the very center of Warsaw, Al. Jerozolimskie is rarely considered a high street. It is visited by millions of passersby per year and features retail space on the ground floors of most tenements on both sides of the street, but has a rather limited offer in terms of high street me...

Log in or line up?

Retailers are increasingly aware of the dangers and opportunities of e-commerce. They turn to new technology to drive up sales in traditional stores – but to what end?

Good profits

Companies involved in social business bring profit and aim to make positive social changes

Right here, right now

While domestic media on demand services in Poland are well established, international players are yet to properly cash in on the market

Great aspirations

The middle class is the driving force of the economy in any developed country. While the small-in-number and exclusive upper social milieu shop in Paris and Milan and spend their holidays in private villas on the French Riviera, it is the most numerous and relatively affluent middle class that gener...