Poland’s first decade in the EU

As Poles get ready to vote in the European Parliament elections this month, it seems a good time to ask how the country has benefited from membership in the European Union

Poland’s highway overhaul

Despite the huge amounts of money spent on Polish roads over the past few years, the country’s high-speed road infrastructure is still patchy at best, although the new EU budget for 2014-2020 promises to change this

What women want

Oksana Zharkova, head of Avon in Poland, the Baltic states and Finland, talks about a company famous for its print catalogs is surviving in the digital age, how women make decisions on which cosmetics to buy and how the beauty industry has changed in Poland and around the world over the years

Work 2.0 – How technology is upgrading our jobs

People desperately want to know whether technology and machines are going to take work away from them – but this question should be reversed: Who will work in the Digital Age, the world of Work 2.0?

Getting a foothold

Poland has long enjoyed its position as the top outsourcing destination in Europe. Where is the BPO sector headed now and can it drive growth in emerging office markets?

Local talent on display

In a time when a growing number of Poles are having their say in fashion design, two young entrepreneurs have established a website that helps sell their products

E-cigarette industry flourishing in Poland

They are hip, cool and trendy! Electronic cigarettes are gaining in popularity, but health experts worry about the dangers they may pose. Nevertheless, the market for e-cigarettes is growing and they are becoming the talk of the town in Warsaw

In the fast lane

Long gone are the days of the Fiat 126p “Maluch” and its big brother, the 125p. No longer will you see Skoda 120s scuttling down the streets of Warsaw. And if you see a Trabant, it’s usually there as a tourist exhibit of times gone by