Michał Krupiński

Banking on banks

WBJ Observer spoke with Michał Krupiński, CEO of PZU, Poland’s biggest insurer, about its plans to repolonize foreign banks and the current economic climate
Zbigniew Gajewski, Director of EFNI

The end of labor

WBJ Observer talked with the director of the European Forum for New Ideas Zbigniew Gajewski about this year’s edition of EFNI, which will be held under the title “The future of work. Realities, dreams and delusions.”
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Corporate Social Responsibility – is it a PR-like hoax or science?

When asked about the implementation of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), many owners of Polish companies reply in the affirmative. When asked what social responsibility stands for, they answer that it is a way of performing philanthropic-like activities. The thing is that CSR, above all, is not...
Sylwester Biernacki chairman of the board of ATM S.A. (Atman)

Brexit: Welcome to Poland

Britain’s decision to leave the EU means that a portion of the City will be seeking new locations within the EU. This offers a great opportunity for Poland as a European competency hub. We have a lot to offer to foreign investors – our ever improving infrastructure, highly qualified specialists and ...
Juliusz Pakuński Project manager Dachser DIY Logistics in Poland

Logistics for the DIY industry must work perfectly

Logistics services associated with deliveries to Do-It-Yourself stores are not a simple task. Everything must run like clockwork to get the product on the shelf and make it available to the final customer as soon as possible. The challenge becomes even more complicated when it comes to international...
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Goodbye and good luck

After being a member of the European Union for 43 years, the United Kingdom has decided that it would be better off on its own. WBJ Observer investigates how the unprecedented move by the British will impact Poland
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What’s blocking the cloud?

While Polish firms produce some of the best cloud-based apps, the country’s own SMEs are reluctant to adopt cloud solutions. Customization costs, legacy software, and regulations are some of the factors that are preventing cloud solutions from spreading in Poland
JSK Wsolna lobby 2012 07 13_b_L

Catering to SMEs

WBJ Observer talked to Yuval Ben-Ari, head of Park Projects Group, about the company’s latest endeavor and its new office project – Park Avenue