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A gated community

The internet may have once been used for a free flow of information, but it is becoming increasingly monopolized, with a handful of corporations in charge of all of our data. WBJ Observer talked to Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi, co-founder of the highly controversial torrent search engine The Pirate Bay, h...
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Browsing Histories

Is there room for yet another internet browser in the hyper-competitive browser industry? How has the internet browsing business changed, where is it headed, and when will we finally get to the promised land of the Internet of Things? – WBJ Observer asked Jon von Tetzchner, the co-founder and former...
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Advancing in the Middle East

Middle East countries are very far from being able to be named as Poland’s major trade partners. Yet, Polish exporters would lose a lot if they neglected to establish solid trade ties with these fast-growing regions
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Decarbonization – a must or heresy

Poland didn’t use the opportunity to tap into elevated coal prices on the world markets to increase the effectiveness of coal extraction. Instead of reinvesting the profits, they were consumed. Now the mining sector generates huge losses and remains a headache for the government, which is pushing to...
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State and land

The government now has the right to step into almost any significant transaction involving the sale of land. Could the new law mean a country-wide re-nationalization? How will it impact the real estate market
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The retail market still has growth potential

WBJ Observer talks to Andrzej Jarosz, marketing and communications director at Mayland Real Estate, about the current situation and trends in, as well as prospects for, the retail property market in Poland
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A port in a storm

The residential market continues to attract money, but individual investors are no longer the only buyers. Institutional investors are joining in. Apartments are still hot, but aparthotels and other asset classes are increasingly in demand

Building a community

WBJ Observer sits down with Hadley Dean, CEO of Compass Offices EMEA, to talk about synergies emerging between companies of different sizes and from different industries, and how landlords can support them
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Mix and match

What good can come of moving a start-up right next door to a large corporation? Can a good tenant-mix in an office scheme generate synergies that benefit both small firms and big businesses, as well as the landlord?