A rigged game

Economic nationalism is picking up in may corners of the world. In Poland it has taken the form of “re-polonization”of business. Supporters emphasize that it is extremely important to maintain an “appropriate balance” between national and foreign capital in the Polish economy...

Leading the way in luxury

More than six months after the launch of the No. 44 long-term luxury rental service in Warsaw’s Złota 44 tower, its owner remains highly optimistic about the prospects for this nascent real estate sector in Poland and is planning further investment in the country

The unexpected champion

You don’t become a growth champion by accident. Poland has clearly done something right to see 26 years of continued growth. The success story of the entire CEE region post-1989 offers a number of lessons for other countries worldwide. The question they now need to answer is how to continue to conve...

For richer, for poorer

With continually strong economic performance, Poland’s wealth levels are increasing by leaps and bounds. And while the latest data points to significant disparities at local level, the country manages to remain inclusive, particularly for the mobile youth

In with the new

The ruling PiS party kicked-off the second half of its term with a major government reshuffle. The Prime Minister was replaced with her former deputy, and three ministry heads also lost their posts. Who has left and who’s in to replace them?

No fluff needed

The IT market has never been as competitive when it comes to talent hunting. How is recruitment different in this highly technical industry, where job offers rain down on candidates every day? WBJ asked Tomasz Bujok, co-founder and CEO of No Fluff Jobs, an innovative ad portal for the IT industry. 

Cash IT in

The market has never been this good for IT professionals. They have enjoyed special treatment for years now, but current pay trends are staggering. How much longer can this growth continue?


Real estate continues to attract international investors, despite concerns of a correction being underway. What makes them interested in the Polish market? Which asset classes are they most eager to buy and what can they expect over the next two years? WBJ sat down with Rafał Zięba, Managing Partner...