Bound to succeed

Refurbishing old office buildings is not an easy task, particularly in high-profile central locations, like Cedet in Warsaw, and neither is tackling projects that many have already tried and failed to complete, like the Granary Island in Gdańsk. WBJ Observer sat down with Bartłomiej Hofman, presiden...
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Low rents, high expectations

The warehouse market has seen remarkable growth over the past two years, but despite growing demand, rents have hit an all-time low. WBJ Observer talked to Paweł Sapek, senior vice president & country manager Prologis for Poland, about the high demand – low rents paradox, about the most prospect...
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Filling Niches

WBJ Observer talks to Andrzej Rosiński, CEO of Waimea Holding S.A., about the firm’s strategy of building modern warehouse and industrial space in emerging and niche locations
Image: WLP Korczowa 1/Waimea

The rise of speculation

As speculative investment soars above 50 percent, economic indicators continue to underwhelm, calling the optimism in the warehouse market into question
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Tax havens tilting at windmills

The fight against those who avoid taxation through transferring money to tax havens constitutes a global problem, which to some extent resembles constructing anti-theft deadlocks. There are businesses and people who achieve a master level in developing security and become experts in bypassing securi...
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Life Adter Safe Harbor – Will it be better with privacy shields?...

Contrary to the European Union, the United States is known for its liberal approach to personal data protection. Proof thereof lies in the fact that there is no equivalent of the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data overseas. This may seem shocking, but the United States treats pers...
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A gated community

The internet may have once been used for a free flow of information, but it is becoming increasingly monopolized, with a handful of corporations in charge of all of our data. WBJ Observer talked to Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi, co-founder of the highly controversial torrent search engine The Pirate Bay, h...
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Browsing Histories

Is there room for yet another internet browser in the hyper-competitive browser industry? How has the internet browsing business changed, where is it headed, and when will we finally get to the promised land of the Internet of Things? – WBJ Observer asked Jon von Tetzchner, the co-founder and former...