Coming soon: third edition of Polish Luxury Market Summit conference


Save the date for the third edition of Polish Luxury Market Summit conference. On the 23rd of May 2018 we will discuss all the important things about luxury and consciousness walking side by side. We are calling it Mindful Luxury. Come and enjoy powerful, inspired talks and lectures.

Leading theme of the upcoming conference is quite capacious. Mindful Luxury is not only about the value of the product, or its quality nor the work standing behind the final result. In one word it is about keeping in mind how our actions influence the direct surrounding and environment. We are living in times when consumers are getting more conscious and start to question how the products they are using are produced. Consumers are more likely to take responsibility for their choices, because they are thinking more and more about the future. Luxury has been always associated with feeling of being special. Now it is a new chapter of the same story. Now consumers want to enrich themselves spiritually as well.

During Polish Luxury Market Summit conference the leading experts from Poland and Europe will discuss the changes and trends that are now important for the luxury-related industry. John Peeters from Holition agency based in London will talk about how iconic brands are implementing innovations by storytelling strategy. Katarzyna Lemańska from H.E.S.A. will present the attractiveness of Polish market for the luxury brands and point out how to negotiate with them effectively. Grzegorz Włodarczyk from Raffles Europe Warsaw is going to talk about the emotional side of luxury. For Ema Gloria (Covet House – a company representing luxury design brands from Portugal), there are no secrets when it comes to creating great stories and communicate them.  Our special guest – Agnieszka Roefler – who is a co-founder of the biggest private museum in Poland called Villa la Fleur – will give a speech on social, cultural and business aspects of responsible art colleting. During the conference all the guests will get a chance to see some of the selected works from Villa’s collection.

Beata Orkwiszewska and Anna Kuropatwa from Havas Media Group are preparing research results on the attractiveness of content in the luxury industry and will present them on the May 23rd.

The main discussion panel on conscious luxury will be attended by: Ewa Bałdyga from Hefra SA, Rajmund Nowak from Novvak Jewelery, Marlena Wróbel from Why Not Private Jet, Anna Theiss from Aurabilia, Tomasz Wasiucionek from GPoland, Agnieszka Smektała from – to name a few of our guests. The talk will be moderated by Dominika Trawka from

The event is organized by ESSE Media, an agency specializing in marketing of luxury goods. ESSE is also a publisher of a cyclic style-guide named Book Of Luxury. Conference has been created in partnership with brands such as: LuxHub Havas Media, Villa la Fleur, Just Cars Club, Stara Wedzarnia, GPoland Group, Villa Foksal, Visau Multimedia, Good Taste Agency, Grupa Vidoqu.

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