Companies face more recruitment issues – report

According to a report published by HR consultancy Work Service, the number of companies that have trouble filling vacancies has increased by 18 percentage points last year. Currently, every other company is facing such difficulties.

“Plans related to the development of many companies and even entire sectors of the economy may be suspended this year due to the growing staff shortages. Our latest research shows that 50.5 percent of companies experienced recruitment problems, and among entrepreneurs who plan to increase employment levels in the coming months, this percentage reached almost 70 percent,” the report said.

Companies are trying to overcome the issues by raising salaries. “As many as 37.1 percent or entrepreneurs offer higher salaries in the recruitment process, while 28.1 percent offer longer work hours when trying to fill in missing work hours. Moreover, 26.6 percent of the companies plan to hire Ukrainian nationals to offset vacancies, the report added.

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