Construction firms with increasing debt – report

Construction firms had a total of PLN 2.21 billion in August 2017, which continues to increase, according to a report prepared by the National Debt Registry (KDR). The majority of the debt is a few years old, mainly arising from unpaid loans and leasing deals.

“The past few years have been very hard for the construction industry, however from the beginning of this year the business is rebounding. … The reasons for that are an increasing number of road building projects, co-financed by the EU and the good performance of the housing construction industry,” the report stated. There are 60,950 debtors in the construction industry with a total of 262,901 unpaid invoices. In August 2015, the total debt of the industry stood at PLN 1.02 billion and in August 2016 – PLN 1.49 billion.

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