Deloitte: 47% of Polish firms want to spend more on R&D

As many as 47 percent of Polish companies are planning to increase their R&D spending over the next two years according to a report by advisory Deloitte. The average for companies in the entire Central European region for the same time period is 41 percent. When asked about their five-year investment plans, as many as 61 percent of Polish firms said they are looking to spend more on research and development. Meanwhile the average for Central Europe was 57 percent.

Deloitte’s research shows that Central European companies are increasingly aware of the nature of R&D activity. Some types of expenditures and business processes that didn’t use to be recognized as R&D spending are now included in that category.

“Last year as many as 75 percent of Polish companies believed that R&D activity entailed working on major innovations. Currently, only 23.6 percent maintain this view,” said Magdalena Burnat-Mikosz, head of R&D and Government Incentives in Central Europe at Deloitte.

The report also stated that Polish entrepreneurs expect the system of tax incentives for R&D to be changed. “76 percent of them declared that if they could lower the amount of payable tax through write-offs, they would increase their R&D spending within the next five years,” the report said. Moreover, 39 percent of those polled said that the system of subsidies is too complicated and bureaucratic.

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