Deloitte: half of Polish CFOs predicts GDP rate below 2.5%

Image: shutterstock

Polish CFOs are divided on the matter of Poland’s GDP growth in 2015. Half of them expect the rate to be lower than 2.5 percent, according to Deloitte CE CFO Survey.

The performance of Polish companies is predicted to get better in a three-year perspective, but firms are not willing to take risks, Deloitte pointed out.

As the average predicted growth rate is 2.5 percent, it is likely not to reach 3 percent this year and do not meet the government’s 3.4 percent plan, the survey stated. What is more, the crisis in Ukraine and the future of the euro zone may impact the Polish economy in the long term in the respondents’ opinion.

Still, Polish CFOs believe that Poland’s GDP is going to be the highest among the CEE countries.


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