Developer’s Days 2015 Conference




For the VI time, the representatives of local authorities, specialists from the real estate industry, analysts of property developer market, as well as specialists from the construction industry, banking industry, finance industry and architecture specialists will be hosted in Wrocław. This year’s event is held under the honorary auspices of the Ministry of Economy and Mayor of Wrocław.

Together about future of the cities

During this year’s VI edition of Developer’s Days, we will focus on the subject of city and the role of developers in its development. On October 7, the experts from the real estate and finance industry, construction specialists and architecture specialists, at the initiative of Polish Association of Developers (pl. “Polski Związek Firm Developerskich”) will meet again in Wrocław. The most recognizable event of the real estate market in Poland consists mainly of the debate among eminent authorities, as well as discussion panels and lectures.

The coming edition of the conference will focus on factors affecting the progress in urban growth of the cities and direction of their development. The discussion will also include the challenges faced by institutions that create urban tissue, dynamization of Polish housing and changes in the construction law.

Discussions among experts of various fields will surely once again result in a series of elaborated recommendations, thanks to which, the property developer market gains factual influence on the development of Polish cities. The hosts and guests of Developer’s Days annually analyze the current situation on the domestic real estate market and prepare strategies of action for the next months and years.

What to expect at this year’s edition?

The conference will start on Wednesday, October 7 at 9:30 with welcoming of the assembled Guests. At 9:45, the inaugural lecture of Professor Witold Orłowski will take place, which will include the presentation of “Report on Polish metropolises 2015”
(pl. „Raport o polskich metropoliach 2015” ) prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers company.

During the first discussion panel, we will try to answer the following question: “Why some cities grow faster and others slower?”. The assembled guests will discuss the role of local authorities in urban development, talk about changes occurring in the urban tissue and also confront city-generating actions with the role of spatial planning.

Further points of the program include two thematic debates, which will start at 12:00. Experts from the finance industry will meet during the debate entitled “Pole buys a flat” (pl. „Polak kupuje mieszkanie”), which will deal with the problems of increasing own contributions, programs supporting people who buy flats, as well as opportunities and threats for the property developer market in the nearest future. During the second debate – “Developer process AD 2015” (pl. „Proces deweloperski AD 2015”) –there will discussion concerning the impact of technical regulations and new technologies on the quality of life in the city, as well as the nuances between new construction law and investment process.

The closing panel “How Wrocław implements the Smart City program”? will sum up the level of the program’s implementation and plans of the capital of Lower Silesia concerning its implementation. In addition, the specialists will answer the following question: How to build housing estates of the future? and they will also present the latest technologies and solutions.

The VI edition of the Developer’s Days will culminate in formulation of theses and recommendations concerning the development of real estate market in Poland.

Developer’s Days 2015 will be held on October 7 in the Wrocław Congress Center.

The event is only a month away. We encourage persons interested in participating to register on the event’s website:, where you can find all detailed information regarding this conference.

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