“Districts of innovation” will come to Warsaw in May


Districts of innovation are already the reality of many agglomerations in the European Union. Barcelona, Berlin and Copenhagen are places where over the years the projects have been consistently implemented, so that not only innovation throughout the whole regions increased, but the quality of life of residents significantly improved.

Already on 12 May this year, in the Small Hall of the Warsaw University of Technology there will be held a conference dedicated mainly to “Spaces of future – districts of innovation in Poland and Europe“. The event will be organized by the Warsaw University of Technology and members of the Creative Mazovia– an initiative that connects key units of the Mazovia, i.e.: local government institutions, universities and entrepreneurships. The project is organized as a part of celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Renewal of Tradition of this Warsaw university. The honorary patronage over the event was taken by the Marshal of the Mazovia, Mr. Adam Struzik, and the National Centre for Research and Development. The contents partner of the conference is the Mazovian Unit of EU Programmes Implementation.

The conference entitled “Spaces of future – districts of innovation in Poland and Europe” differs from similar initiatives since it will not only be a place where you can familiarize yourself with the latest trends for the creation of modern spaces, but this knowledge will be used to build unconventional solutions in Polish cities. The purpose of the conference is to exchange best practices concerning the creation of an ecosystem to support innovative business.

During the conference, both Polish and foreign speakers, representatives of the scientific community, governments and business will present examples of foreign and Polish districts of innovation, created as a result of cooperation between local governments and business units. The subjects of their discussion will also be the ways to create an environment being conducive to innovation, operation of R & D departments and financing methods for best practices in the EU.

– The Mazovia has the best research infrastructure in Poland, but often not utilized in regard to the implementation of business solutions. One can especially notice the lack of infrastructure, which would provide technology transfer and simulate the emergence of innovative projects, and this kind of innovation gap can be filled by the project of Creative Mazovia – says Lukasz Sztern, Chief Innovation Officer at Creative Mazovia – With the establishment of creative spaces, we have a chance to catch up with leading EU in the area of innovation – he adds.

The conference program included such panels as “Space for development – development for space: what is innovation and what elements make it today?”, “Modern business and scientific districts in Poland and Europe: a day in the life of a creative district” or “The way to success: innovative competitive advantage in Europe and Poland and their economic recipes for economic victory”. The program will be largely dedicated to issues related to innovation in the world of business and the innovation financing system by 2020.

The participation in the conference has been already confirmed, among others, by: Walter Herriot – a professor of the Hertfordshire University, a founder of the St. John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge, awarded by the British Queen for promoting entrepreneurship and Floris de Gelder, a director of the Utrecht Science Park. Among the panelists there will be also a professor Christoph Mandl, the University of Vienna – a specialist in the field of innovation.

The aim of the Creative Mazovia Project is to create a ground for cooperation, linking the representatives and experts from all walks of life, i.e.: science, business, local authorities – governments, non-governmental organizations, providing a scope for joint dialogue and creation of innovations in the field of key challenges for the development of the region. The aim of activities taken by the supporters of the project is that in 2020 the Mazovia was among the 50 most innovative regions in Europe.

According to the experts, developing cities are ones that invest in modern technologies, making the cities more sustainable, efficient and pleasant to the life of their inhabitants, and where the business has conditions for the development of innovations. The conference organizers believe that the solutions being successfully implemented in the most innovative regions of Europe, among others: spaces of innovation, can be used also in Poland.

– Creation of an intelligent city, open to innovations, is a process that can be carried out only through the cooperation of companies and government institutions, and by creating conditions for the emergence of as many creative spaces, districts or towns as possible, our regions can quickly catch up with the most innovative centers in the European Union – summarizes Lukasz Sztern, CIO of the Creative Mazovia.

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