Duda outlines conditions for ties with Germany

Image: andrzejduda.pl

President-elect Andrzej Duda will visit Berlin and Paris first when he assumes his role come August, revealed Duda’s future minister of foreign affairs, Krzysztof Szczerski in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

Szczerski stressed that maintaining strong bilateral ties with Germany will be contingent on four main points:

First,  Germany must continue to uphold the rights of Poles residing within Germany. Second, Germany must include Poland in discussions on regional security. The Normandy Format is no longer an adequate mechanism for maintaining peace in Eastern Europe. This will be impossible without the close cooperation of Poland, NATO, EU, and the US.  Third, Germany must agree to the construction of NATO bases on Polish soil. And finally, Germany must support a political climate within the EU which ensures the continued extraction of Polish coal. As Szczerski pointed out, the new administration is keen on reforming the country’s energy sector, though not at the expense of the country’s economic growth and development.

According to Szczerski, German President Joachim Gauck suggested that Berlin should be Duda’s first international visit when congratulating the President-elect on his victory. The future administration sees this as an ample opportunity and will most likely accept Germany’s invitation.

After Berlin, Duda will most likely travel to Paris, upon the invitation of President Francois Hollande. Next on the agenda will be the UN General Assembly Meeting in New York in September, as well as the October Visegrad Group Summit  in Budapest.

For now, Berlin and Paris are two “good addresses” to launch President-elect Duda’s international visits.

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