Duda: Poland could be a “security guarantor” of the Baltics

Image : andrzejduda.pl

President Andrzej Duda said in an interview with Politico that Poland could be a “security guarantor” of the three Baltic states referring to his decision to go to Estonia in the face of rising Russian imperialism.

“I think we can intensify relations with our partners, especially when it comes to the countries of central and eastern Europe,” Duda said. “I would like Poland to be a country which could in times of need lend a hand and help those who are weaker.”

Speaking about the EU’s energy policy and the ambitious aim to reduce emissions, he stated “this direction is bad for Poland.”

“In their dealings with us and with the organizations to which we belong, our neighbors should take into account the fact of our existence, our interests, our point of view,” Duda said of Berlin.

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