Dying Light breaks Techland’s records

Image : Techland
After what was an obvious PR stunt, Dying Light’s developer Techland has announced that its zombie game managed to reach an astounding 3.2 million players since its rocky release in late January of this year.
by Santiago de la Presilla
In the first month and a half since the release of the game, it still holds “the number 1 selling game in the US, UK, France, Poland, Sweden, Australia, and many others” as reported by VG24/7.
The developers released a graphic with some impressive stats on their very active Facebook page, from the killing of a total of 378 million zombies, to saving enough survivors to populate Ireland.
Even though the game has been out 45 days, the developers are certainly trying to keep its relevance by adding a hard mode (a ridiculous increase in difficulty) that can be turned on and off at any point. The update also includes new weapons, new outfits for your character and graphic improvements.
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