E-commerce accounts for 59% of warehouse demand in 2016

Retail chains and logistics operators accounted for nearly 59 percent out of the record-high 3 million sqm of warehouse space leased throughout 2016, JLL stated in a report. Logistics firms’ share in total demand rose slightly from 29 percent in 2015 to 30 percent last year. “This result is mainly due to Poland’s location as an e-commerce hub for Western European countries,” said Tomasz Olszewski, regional director at JLL. It was e-commerce giants: Amazon and Zalando that signed record-large leases last year. Altogether they leased 300,000 sqm of warehouse space.

E-commerce has been growing at a double-digit pace in Poland for years. According to projections by JLL and Prologis, by 2020, e-commerce will account for 10 percent of retail in total.


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