Economic climate drops in Q1 – IRG SGH

The economic climate index calculated by the Research Institute for Economic Development of the Warsaw School of Economics (IRG SGH) decreased by 1.9 points quarter-to-quarter and amounts to 0.7 points in Q1 2018. In year-to-year terms, the index has increased by 7.8 points.

The survey polls economic situation in seven sectors: industry, construction, agriculture, banking, retail, households, and transportation. In Q1, the construction sector grew the highest (by 17.9 points y/y), followed by banking (15.3 points), and transport (8.4 points). Only retail component has contracted (by 1.8 points y/y)/

“In this quarter, the value of the barometer is slightly lower q/q, this change is due to seasonality. The first quarter of the year is usually not the best for the economy. We expect that a positive trend will appear in the second quarter,” SGH analysts said.

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