Economic climate soars in Q4 – IRG SGH

The economic climate index calculated by the Research Institute for Economic Development of the Warsaw School of Economics (IRG SGH) increased by 3.1 points quarter-to-quarter and amounts 3 points in Q4 2017. In year-to-year terms, the index has gone up by 11.8 points.

The survey polls economic situation in seven sectors: industry, construction, agriculture, banking, retail, households, and transportation. In Q4, the banking sector grew the highest (by 16.2 points), followed by construction (8.5 points), and agriculture (8.2 points). Besides that only industry sector increased, while the rest were negative.

“The analysis of both the quarterly and annual changes in the value of economic indicators in particular industries confirms the atypicalness of the ratings and the lack of coherence with the patterns observed earlier. A clear upward trend is maintained only in consumers’ assessments, which represent the household condition index and business assessments,” SGH analysts said.

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