Education Minister announces major financial reforms to system

Poland’s Minister of Education Anna Zalewska announced on Friday that an additional PLN 900 million would be added to the budget, so that proposed reforms of the system can be made. Zalewska was speaking in the Senate about the need to strengthen the educational system in Poland by making it more innovative and more responsive to local governments’ requests. The minister mentioned that PLN 1.5 billion had already been made available for reforms, as well as PLN 418 million set aside for wage indexation for teachers. “Absolutely, we are prepared, including [having] a reserve budget. It’s such a reserve that [it allows us to] respond to requests of local governments, when there is a need to make different types of investments,” Zalewska was quoted as having said.

Zalewska responded to those who have accused the Ministry of making overly drastic changes, by implying that their criticisms reflected an archaic method of thinking. She said, “This is nineteenth century [thinking]…[now we must have a] twenty-first educational system for the primary school, giving the same chances to people in all regions of Poland.” She added that new funding will include adjusting 2,080 independent gymnasiums to the needs of younger children.

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