Egypt, Tunisia remain popular despite security concerns

Despite warnings from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of political instability in Egypt and Tunisia, Poles continue to flock to both destinations. An official travel warning for both countries was issued in July, citing “potential rise in terrorist activity, and attacks aimed at tourists,”

However, as Magdalena Matys from the Center for Educational Tourism told  TVN24, “Many Poles are still choosing to travel to both locations  despite the fact that we are doing nothing to encourage such trips. The warnings have not scared them off.”

Currently the law does not forbid Poles from traveling to regions with known terrorist activity. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can only issue travel warnings.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ list of volatile states also includes Algeria,  specifically the Algerian-Tunisian and Algerian-Libya border areas which are considered especially dangerous. The ministry official status is “do not travel” for these regions. Columbia is also on the risk list with an “advising against travel” warning.

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