Enea applies for acquisition of Bogdanka

Image : Shutterstock

State-controlled power company Enea has submitted a motion to the anti-monopoly watchdog UOKiK for the acquisition of LW Bogdanka private coal mine, the media reported.

On Monday, September 14, Enea announced that it wants to buy a 64.6 percent stake in Bogdanka, valuing the stake at PLN 1.48 billion, thus PLN 67.39 a share. Yesterday, on September 15, the state-owned company said that the price offered for the mine is “final.”

According to Parkiet‘s sources, the Minister of the State’s Treasury agreed that Enea could buy Bogdanka on the condition that it also acquires troubled state-owned mine, Katowicki Holding Węglowy (KHW).

In August, Enea unexpectedly terminated its long-term contract with the mine.


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