Energy policy project for 35 years

Image: shutterstock

The Polish Ministry of Economy published an energy policy project, to be consulted, that would last until 2050. This document introduces a gradual reduction of hard coal in the Polish energy mix.  In 2050, it is supposed to provide 28 percent of the country’s power demand.

Moreover, it plans to establish a second pillar, atomic power, which will be responsible for 19 percent of electric energy. An energy plant is to be built and after 2035 the rentability of further development of its power and new units will be discussed. The schedule of building the first nuclear power plant published by the Ministry of State Treasury is still to be realized as planned.

Another element of the Polish energy mix until 2050 will be natural gas, which will be accountable for 18 percent of primary energy and for nine percent of electric energy supply. The government wants to maintain the level of shale gas extraction in those 35 years. Moreover, it plans that the renewable energy resources will have a share of 16 percent in primary energy supply and 33 percent in produced energy supply.



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