EU and Ukraine sign Association Agreement

Image : shutterstock

During a summit in Brussels, the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko and the chief of the EU Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso and the chief of the EU Council, Herman Van Rompuy have signed the second part of the AssociationAgreement between Ukraine and the EU.

The first part of the agreement was signed in March, in a show of support for the Kiev government during the political crisis and tensions with neighboring Russia.

The Guardian wrote, that “this is the agreement that sparked off the revolution” in Kiev. It aims to include Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia in closer economic ties with Europe. The main part of the deal is a free-trade agreement that will gradually open borders between Europe and Ukraine, eliminating around 98 percent of tariffs on trade between the two regions. Besides trade, Ukraine and the EU will work to coordinate laws and norms in civil rights and industry standards.

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