European court rules against Poland in CIA prisons case

Image : CherryX via Wikimedia Commons

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has announced a judgment regarding Poland’s violation of the European Convention on Human Rights. The judgment concerns allegations that include the incarceration and torture of CIA prisoners on Polish territory.

While the judgment is not final it points to Poland’s possible enabling of torture and maltreatment of prisoners on its territory. The case was brought forth by two current Guantanamo detainees, Abd Al Rahim Hussayn Muhammad Al Nashiri, a Saudi of Yemeni descent, and Zayn Al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn, a stateless Palestinian known as Abu Zubayda.

The court ordered Poland to pay €100,000 to each of the applicants, with an additional €30,000 to be paid to Abu Zubaydah for expenses.

Polish authorities, including Leszek Miller, the former prime minister, have denied the existence of the prisons. Meanwhile, Romania, Bulgaria, and Lithuania also have had allegations made against them for being part of the CIA ‘black site’ network.


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