European VR Congress – The future begins today


Virtual reality is a revolutionary technology which is widely used in every area of our lives.  It is used by the biggest media companies, international concerns and local non-governmental organizations. Every few weeks we are learning about more modern software and hardware released onto the market and new innovative VR solutions created in Poland or around the world. VR – acclaimed technology of the future will soon introduce a new quality in the areas of functionality and entertainment. So it is time to ask ourselves: is VR about to enter every aspect of our lives?

We are going to reflect on that issue in a group of subject experts and at the same time practitioners in this industry. During the several lectures the guests of the conference will be able to hear about what challenges are waiting the film, advertising and media industry. How is this technology already used today in medicine or in construction industry?  How advent of virtual reality will affect marketing and the future way of shopping? It will be also a chance to learn what VR shall soon mean for different companies and institutions and how to benefit from its potential today.

The VR European Congress 2016 will be held at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw on 3-4 November. It is the first event of this scale organized in Poland, dedicated to the rapidly developing virtual reality (VR) technology.

The Copernicus Conference Centre will also host the creators of innovative equipment from Poland and abroad. During the expo, accompanying the congress, participants will meet the industry leaders as well as national and foreign start-ups. They will be able to test the latest VR equipment on their own, and have an opportunity to feel for themselves the intensity of virtual reality experiences.

Learn more at www.vrcongress.plFB/EuropeanVRCongressTT/vrcongressInstagram/vrcongress

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