Poles among requestors for search result removal

Image : Shutterstock

Almost four thousand links were removed from Google searches due to requests made by Poles.

The European Court of Justice announced on May 13 that it will require Google to remove search results which are no longer relevant and have been requested by EU citizens to be removed. Since May 29, requests for removal numbered 144,907 and 170,506 links have been removed from Google searches.

The judgment covers the EU and Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. Google has drafted a report showing examples of which links have been removed and which links did not merit removal. In some cases, embarrassing or personal information has been removed while information regarding a past crime or publications infringing on public information have not been removed.

Prior to the tribunal’s decision, Google washed their hands clean of any “censorship”, citing their role as data intermediary not creator of content. A new unit has been created since to service the removal requests.

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