Foreign investors keen on investing in Poland – PAIH

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As many as 92 percent foreign investors are satisfied with their decision to invest in Poland and would do it again, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) said.

In their report, compiled with HSBC and Grant Thornton, foreign investors expect to increase their revenue this year (70 percent), while 58 percent plans to increase their workforce in Poland. Furthermore, 48 percent of foreign investors plan to increase their CAPEX in Poland.

Foreign investors rated high the overall investment climate in Poland (3.7 points out of possible 5, the highest result in the study history). “The percentage of critical responses amounted to only 4 percent,” the report said.

Investors also value economic stability (4.01 points), size of the internal market (3.94 points), availability of materials and components (3.89 points) and cooperation with local administration (3.79 points).

Investors also recognized that the stability and predictability of law (2.75 points), effectiveness of commercial judiciary (2.84 points) and point out that taxes and the formalities related to them (2.91 points) require improvement.

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