Four Nowoczesna MPs joins PO

Marta Golbik, Joanna Augustynowska, Michał Stasiński and Grzegorz Furgo announced that they are leaving Nowoczesna grouping and joining Civic Platform (PO). “Arguments about strategies etc, are a normal thing in every political party. The moment comes however, when you can’t be responsible and support how the party is operating, what decisions and statements the grouping’s leader is making,” Michał Stasiński said in a statement. Other MPs who decided to switch allegiance said similar things, alluding to their discontent with how Nowoczesna leader Ryszard Petru is running things.

Petru said that he was expecting such decision and accused PO of not wanting to work together with other opposition groupings to defeat Law and Justice (PiS) government. “PO thinks it can be the opposition on its own, It’s hard to expect from now on, that our cooperation to fight PiS will be strong,” he said.


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