“Friends” series lookalike cafe to be opened in Warsaw

image: facebook.com/WarsawPerk

The long awaited Warsaw Perk opened  its doors on August 3. Located on the Władysław Anders street, the cafe is a copy of the well-known cafe in which the stars of the american TV series “Friends” spend time.

“I wanted it to be cozy. I wanted to bring an American atmosphere to the place,” said founder Monika Adamiak. Because of the amount of  licencing costs, the cafe will not be an exact copy of the famous Central Perk, but still has its orange sofa and green armchair, the series’symbols.

The “Friends” series, screened for more than 10 years, has amassed a huge audience and is widely considered as best sitcom ever produced. The final episode was watched by more than 52 million viewers.

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