Gazeta Wyborcza reveals secret recording of Jarosław Kaczyński

An article, written by Wojciech Czuchnowski and Iwona Szpala and published in the daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, has presented a recording of a conversation from the end of July last year between PiS leader Jarosław Kaczyński and the Austrian Gerald Birgfellner, a relative of Jan Maria Tomaszewski and Grzegorz Tomaszewski, cousins ​​of the PiS head.

The conversation concerns the construction planned by Srebrna, which is controlled by people associated with PiS. The company has a plot in the center of Warsaw, it would like to build two skyscrapers with a height of 190 meters, which must be agreed by the Warsaw City Hall.

Kaczyński is quoted as saying “If we do not win the elections, we will not build a skyscraper in Warsaw.”  The article describes that if the investment permit was obtained, the loan of EUR 300 million could be granted by Bank Pekao SA, which since mid-2017 has been controlled by state-owned companies PZU and the Polish Development Fund.

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