GDP per capita at 68% of EU average in Poland – Eurostat

Image : shutterstock

According to Eurostat data, GDP per capita expressed in Purchasing Power Standards (PPS) in Poland amounted to 68 percent of the EU average in 2016, unchanged compared with 2015. The lowest pps in the bloc was in Bulgaria (49 percent) followed by Romania (58 percent), while the highest was in Luxembourg (258 percent) and Ireland (183 percent).

The EU statistics office also published data on Actual Individual Consumption (AIC) which is a measure of the material welfare of households. For Poland, AIC stood at 74 percent of the EU average (unchanged compared to 2015).

Bulgaria had the lowest AIC per capita at 53 percent, followed by Croatia (59 percent). Highest AIC was in Luxembourg (132 percent) and Germany (122 percent).

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