GIS Warsaw 2014 with Janusz Kaniewski – longtime designer of Pininfarina and Ferrari

Janusz Kaniewski is the founder of Janusz Kaniewski Design studio, one of the most highly-regarded design studios in Poland, which provides services for design, implementation and promotion of product and architecture, designing items, equipment, vehicles, architecture and graphics. The studio offers design at the highest level, with clients including famous athletes, the Italian supercar manufacturer Ferrari and the Ukrainian network of petrol stations Parallel.

In 2012, Janusz Kaniewski took second place in the ranking of the most innovative entrepreneurs in Poland, according to Forbes magazine. He also received the highest recognition in the globalized world: the appearance of counterfeits of his products.

He is the first and only non-architect in SARP and adviser to the president of the city of Gdynia on aesthetics, design and urban planning. He shares his experience and knowledge by lecturing at the Instituto Europeo didesign in Turin and the Royal College in London. Janusz Kaniewski’s book ‘Design’ premiered on October 2013, while in 2014 a large retrospective exhibition is planned to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of his creative work.


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Janusz Kaniewski


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