GIS Warsaw 2014, with Nini Andrade Silva, one of the most highly-awarded interior architects of the moment


Nini Andrade Silva is one of the most appreciated and highly-awarded interior architects of the moment. She is the winner of the “International Design & Architecture” Award, at the “Overall Winner” category and of many other renowned international awards. Her innovative concepts of hotel, office, restaurant and residential design have created a new style in architecture – “Ninimalism”.

Nini Andrade Silva is the special guest of GIS Warsaw 2014 International Interior Architecture, Design, Furniture and Lighting Expo Conference, event organized on October 22 by ABplus Events and the Association of Polish Architects SARP.

About her participation in GIS Warsaw 2014, Nini Andrade Silva said: “I think GIS Warsaw 2014 is a very important initiative because it is the best way of creating synergies between professionals and general audience. Engaging different professionals in the field of interior design, architecture, furniture and lighting allows sharing know-how and expertise. I believe this is the right way to improve the sector. In life I love to share my experiences and explain the way I develop my work making young people believe in dreams and fighting to make them come true. It is my first time in Warsaw and I’m very happy with this invitation. I want to share with the Polish interior architects and designers my love for my work and for interior design! I use to say that my work is my project of life! Please, join me in the interior design challenge that is my life!”
Currently, Nini is involved in numerous projects all over the world, notably in Colombia, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Cape Verde, Malaysia, Argentina and Austria.



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