Gofers for the rich folk

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You makes heaps of money without lifting a finger. You are chauffeured from one glitzy Warsaw cigar club to the next as you sip Svarovski Alize vodka while nestled in the downy leather VIP section of your Bentley, shielded from the hoi polloi by smoky gray bulletproof windows. When the holidays roll around you fly off on your private jet to your vacation homes in Maui, Cannes, Phuket.

Let’s face it: Life is hectic and you need some help with mundane chores like copping a case of champagne at midnight, or arranging a romantic meal with (one of) your girlfriend(s) – let’s say – on an iceberg.

At long last, you and your well-healed friends have Quintessentially Lifestyle, “the ultimate luxury lifestyle group . . . now available in Poland,” as the “wish fulfillment Empire (their capital ‘E’)” informed the media in a recent bubbly press release.

Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days per year, QL caters to your “lifestyle requests.” Want to set up a Batman-style bat cave in your private residence? Arrange a small party for 300 of your closest friends at the pyramids in Egypt?

Not a problem, Sir.

Co-founders Aaron Simpson, Paul Drummond and Ben Elliot (The Nephew of Prince Charles!) had you in mind when they started QL back in 2000. And now they’re here, encamped “on the Vistula” – Warsaw being only the newest office among those in “a staggering 60 cities around the world.”

QL is so exclusive, in fact, they don’t even offer up a phone number, email address, web site or street name and number. You’ll have to ring up your personal private detective to track down the local CEO, William Devine.


WBJ Observer

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