Gov’t ministers resign over tape scandal

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon that Health Minister Bartosz Arłukowicz, Minister of the State Treasury Włodzimierz Karpiński and Minister of Sport Andrzej Biernat have submitted their resignations in connection with the so called tape scandal.

Additionally, Sejm Speaker Radosław Sikorski and Secret Service Coordinator Jacek Cichocki stepped down from their posts. Former Minister of Finance Jacek Rostowski also announced that he will quit as an adviser to the PM.

On top of that, Ewa Kopacz said that she will not accept the report by Prosecutor General Andrzej Seremet regarding the documents leak.

“As long as I am the prime minister, I will not allow for political games over the tapes,” said Kopacz. “Today, on behalf of Civic Platform, I extend my heartfelt apologies” to party supporters who “listened to the tapes with disgust, irritation,” she added.

The tape scandal broke last year, when weekly Wprost published transcripts of illegally recorded conversations of top government politicians.

On Monday evening, Zbigniew S., a controversial businessman, published on his Facebook profile documents from the investigation into the matter, which consist of transcripts of witness hearings and include names, addresses, telephone numbers, as well as other sensitive information.

The businessman was detained and charged with disclosing secrets related to an open investigation on Tuesday.



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