Gov’t plan ‘patriotic’ Hollywood film

Piotr Gliński, Image: Law and Justice

Poland’s new government wants Hollywood to produce a Polish equivalent of “Braveheart” or “Pearl Harbor” to boost the country’s international image , Piotr Gliński, the Minister of Culture told Reuters.

“There is no internationally recognized film about Polish history. I regret this,” Culture Minister Piotr Glinski told Reuters in an interview.

“Why is this important? Every community needs something that brings it together … in order to build its strength and to win, or rather, not to lose, on the world stage. Economically and politically,” he said.

Gliński said the film could, for example, tell the story of the 1683 battle of Vienna or the 1944 battle of Monte Cassino, the latter being the toughest in World War Two.

“Almost every wartime story of a Polish soldier is a ready-made script,” Glinski said. The film would “tell the world who has protected our civilization”.


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