Gov’t plans to impose pension contributions on all contracts

The government is planning on imposing mandatory pension contributions on everyone working on the basis of a contract for specific work, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna reported. The government has already submitted its proposal to the parliament.

Until 2015, an estimated 200,000 people performed work subject to this type of contract, which is currently not subject to pension or health insurance contributions.

The move is aimed at limiting next year’s budget deficit and at procuring the means for the continuation of the government’s social spending program. “The idea behind imposing contributions on contracts for specific work is a response to the fact that many employers use them instead of employment contracts,” said Law and Justice MP Jan Mosiński.

In 2016, the government imposed pension contributions on mandate contracts. Both mandate contract and contract for specific work are civil law contracts and are often referred to as “junk contracts.”

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