Gov’t with 47% support

The current government has gained more public support in October, with 47 percent of Poles assessing its activity positively, 4 percentage points more than a month earlier, according to an opinion poll conducted by Kantar Public. Among the supporters, 10 percent were very positive about their government’s actions, and 38 percent were moderately supportive. The number of Poles who are not fond of the government’s policies has decreased over the past month, falling from 45 percent in September to 38 percent in October. Some 15 percent of those polled were ambivalent about the current administration.

PM Beata Szydło was supported by 48 percent of Poles, while 38 percent were unhappy with her administration.

President Andrzej Duda’s actions were supported by 54 percent of those polled, while 32 percent opposed it.

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