Gowin: Lowering the retirement age can wait until autumn 2018

Jarosław GowinImage : Ministry of Justice

Given the deepening economic crisis in Europe, the lowering of the retirement age can be postponed until autumn 2018, the Minister of Science and Higher Education Jarosław Gowin told PAP in an interview.

“I’m not an enthusiast for lowering the retirement age, but from the beginning that was one of our election promises, so it will be lowered. The question is whether this should happen in the autumn of 2017 or – in view of the deepening economic crisis in Europe – should it be postponed by six months or even a year, until fall 2018,” Gowin said.

He added that the minimum length of service for retirement pension eligibility should be changed to 35 years for women and 40 years for men. “Simple lowering of the retirement age in conjunction with the demographic slowdown would lead to the departure of around 1.5 million people from the labor market within five years. That would definitely have a negative effect on the growth rate of the Polish economy,” he explained.

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