GUS: Birth rate lowest in over a decade

Based on new data from the the Central Statistical Office (GUS), Poland’s annual birth rate is the lowest in 11 years.

A lack of stability in the job market, scarcity of affordable apartments, limited space in nurseries and changing customs all delay many couple’s plans of starting a family.

According to Rzeczpospolita, the inadequate number of nurseries forces many women to extend their maternity leave in order to care for their child. This in turn limits their future employment prospects as well as dissuades them from having additional children for financial reasons.

GUS estimates that there are currently  almost 217,000  unemployed women who are attempting to return to work after having children. Based on the current trends, this number will only keep rising in the next few years, as the number of women of childbearing age (25-34 yrs old) declines.

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