GUS: Trade turnover at PLN 151 mln at end-February

In the first two months of 2017, Polish exports amounted to PLN 132.18 billion, while imports amounted to PLN 132.03 billion. Trade turnover reached PLN 151.6 million. In comparison to the corresponding period of the 2016, exports increased by 4.8 percent and imports by 8.6 percent, data from Poland’s Central Statistical Office showed.

As usual Germany was Poland’s biggest trade partner amounting to PLN 36.53 billion in exports and PLN 29.37 billion imports. The UK and Czechia took the second and third spot in the exports section, with PLN 8.75 billion and PLN 8.68 billion respectively, while Poland imported PLN 16.65 billion worth of goods and services from China and PLN 9.71 billion from Russia.

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