Health Minister reaches agreement with doctors’ union

Image : shutterstock

The Zielonogórskie Agreement (PZ – Porozumienie Zielonogórskie) protest came to an end, as the union and health minister, Baromiej Arłukowicz, signed an agreement after 15 hours-long negotiations.

Health Minister invited union’s representatives to talks as they could not “blackmail patients” since the primary-care clinics are closed during holidays.

“We are sorry for the last days. We are back to what we do best – treating patients,” said Marek Krajewski, the union’s negotiator.

Doctors from PZ trade union refused to sign new contract as the ministry implemented its “oncology package” this year, requiring them to diagnose and fast-track patients with cancer. PZ argued that primary-care doctors would not have enough time to treat other patients and demanded additional PLN 2 billion to cover the costs, while ministry has earmarked only PLN 1.1 billion.

The agreement assumes that the money earmarked for the “oncology package” remains at PLN 1.1 billion, while the capitation grew to PLN 140.

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