Immigrants in Poland work more but earn less

Immigrants in Poland work longer on average than Poles, but less money goes into their pockets. These findings were published on Thursday in a report by the National Bank of Poland (NBP) on the labor market situation in Q2 of 2016.

The NBP commissioned interviews with 710 immigrants living in the Warsaw area regarding their earnings and time spent working. The data indicates that the average earnings of immigrants were 34 percent lower than of Polish citizens. There is also much less variation in the monthly earnings of immigrants: only 37 percent for immigrants compared to 53 percent for Polish citizens.

The difference is even greater when it comes to working hours. Short-term stays and so-called shuttle migration dominate among immigrants, who try to make maximum use of their time in Poland. “The surveyed immigrants declared that they worked 54 hours a week on average (Poles worked around 41 hours), with the most common response being 60 hours,” the NBP report states.

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