Innovative Energy Conference

Leaders of the energy industry will discuss the future of the sector on October 3 at the Bristol Hotel in Warsaw. The event, organized by Executive Club with the honorary patronage of the Minister of Energy, will focus on the current changes that will take place in the coming years on the Polish energy market

Outstanding representatives of the industry will participate in the debate, including: Roman Szwed – President of the Management Board of Atende, Dorota Dębińska-Pokorska – Partner, Leader of Energy sector, PwC, Mieczysław Koch – President of the Management Board, PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A., Rafał Lipiński – President of the Management Board, SEEN Holding Sp. z o. o. and Piotr Witczyński – Country Leader Oracle Poland.

The Polish and European fuel and energy markets are changing very rapidly, and the tremendous pace of these changes results, among others, from the dynamic international situation and global trends. The energy industry and fuel sector must take up the challenge now, when they are performing investments fundamental to their future. How should the energy industry implement the idea of innovativeness, which may be the key to success in the face of changes in the structure of the fuel mix and the turn from non-renewable towards renewable fuels? How should the energy industry – especially its trade and distribution sector – adjust to the new situation on the market with consideration to environmental protection requirements and price fluctuations?  The “Innovative Energy Industry” debate will also try to answer the question of which variant would be the most effective in long-term perspective: domestic implementation of vertical integration by joining the energy sector with production as part of supply chain continuity or the elimination of the least efficient parts of the business. The goal of Executive Club is to focus on the most important topics for the Polish economy. We are convinced that this content-focused, expert debate about the future of the Polish energy industry will serve as a catalyst for significant changes and an inspiration for the world of business.


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