International firms are flocking to Warsaw

Image: Tetris

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By Rajmund Węgrzynek, Managing Director of Tétris Poland

Poland is increasingly becoming the country of choice for the biggest global companies.

In the global ranking of transparency in the real estate sector* we took 13th place. A highly educated workforce with experience of working in international companies is clearly a well-regarded attribute. At the same time, Poland, as a large country, has far greater resources compared with our neighbors in CEE. It is attractive to investors, and still relatively not so expensive.

What is the current trend in fit-out pricing? Is office development in our country worth it?

Potentially, Warsaw and Budapest offer one of the most attractive pricing structure – at an average level of around €500 per sqm** of usable floor space, depending on the technical possibilities of the building and customer expectations. This is according to the most recent report by JLL, drawn up using data provided by Tétris. But price is only one factor. The critical factor is taking professional care of the investor. Over 90 percent of the large players coming into Poland consult with their chosen international law and consulting firms, objectively comparing the potential of each location. These kinds of talks preceded all of the major projects at Tétris last year, such as Wyborowa Pernod Ricard or Stanley Black & Decker.

What is the main consideration for foreign companies in choosing a partner to adapt office space?

Number one has to be security – trust in your partner. Our clients are companies with limited, or no experience in office construction, naturally it is not their key business activity. They have to feel confident that we are effectively addressing their needs, that we have the know-how to predict and resolve problems within the local regulations and restrictions. Our understanding of customer requirements corresponds well with the standards of the US or Western Europe. However, in Poland the market reacts dynamically. Global companies look for stable partners that are able to bear the costs associated with their investment. Customers expect value for money. No client is willing to cover multi-million-dollar advance payment costs and risk potential problems with delivery of their future office. That works well here with our Design & Build model, with just one company engaged in the preparation and implementation of the project.

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